Experts has given a new target price for RVNL,big update on stock

Last Updated on: 9th June 2024, 11:20 am

RVNL was incorporated in 2003 ,by Govt of India.Its status has been upgraded to ‘Navratna’ by department of public sector enterprises.The year 2023 has been a remarkable year for railway companies.This has been the result of relentless effort of Govt.of India for strengthening the rail infrastructure in the country.As a result the companies working in this sector is getting huge orders.Many companies has given a very good returns to its investors in the fiscal year 2023 so far.

RVNL Q2 Result

RVNL has recently declared the Q2 Result.As per the BSE website there has been a rise in net profit by 3.4 % ,which stood at Rs.394.3 crore as compared to last year same quarter of Rs. 343 crore.The revenue for the period stood at Rs.4914.3 crore ,increased marginaly from Rs.4908.9 crore.However the income from other operation jumped by 33%..

RVNL Order Book and Future

RVNL has a strong order book of more than Rs.50000 cr in both railways and other sector.It has also secured order for Vande Bharat trains.The company is also diversifying its order book and has taken up projects in roads,irrigation,electrical transmission works.Not only in domestic,RVNL is also bidding in international projects.Recently the company has taken a project in Maldives.The company has scaled up its operation to generate higher cash flows with its project management capability. Its operating income has grown at a CAGR of 22% ,and has reported Rs.20282 cr for the fiscal year ended 31,march,2023. If this growth continues this could really be a massive wealth creator for its investors.

Share Price Performance

RVNL share price has given a massive return in past few years.In past 5 years the share price has gone up by 691%,in last 1 year 186%,and in last 6 months share price increased by 29 %. Thus if these performance continues,the stock may reach new highs in coming years,as per the experts. The stock has already run more than 150 % in the year 2023

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