Virat and Anushka sharma’s investment grew 4 times …

Last Updated on: 7th June 2024, 01:17 pm

This article is about an investment by famous Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma.Virat kohli is well known for his classy strokes in cricket,and this investment seems that he is equally efficient in investment also.As in cricket he waits to understands the ball and then starts hitting.It seems in this investment also he understood the company became the brand ambassador also and invested at the right time, which multiplied his investment.

Virat and Anushka’s Investment.

Famous Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma has made an investment of rupees 2.5 crore in Go Digital insurance which made a market debut on May 23.

The company’s share price crossed rupees Rs. 300 mark which made the couples investment grow four times to Rs. 10 crores.
The couple has made investment in the company in Feb ,2020.

Virat Kohli is not only investor in the company but is also the brand ambassador.

About the company

Go Digit General Insurance Limited was established in December 2016 .Earlier the company was known as Oben General Insurance Ltd.

The company provides various insurance products such as health,travel ,property, marine, liability and many more tailored to customers preferences. The company offers 74 insurance products.

The company is of the vision to simplify insurance,they say that it is like a loaf of bread at present,and they would be making it simple as sliced bread,which makes it easier have.

It is a Full Stack insurance company,which means ,the company is fully licenced and controlled by regulatory authority,and does sourcing,underwriting and servicing all in house.

Total AUM is Rs.14909 crs as in FY 23. Digit General Insurance is one of the first nonlife insurers company in India to fully transit to cloud operations.

The compay invest the amount received from insurance into government securities and bonds mostly in AAA rated bonds.


The company has a very strong and extensive distribution network. and has presence in 24 states in India, It works through 61972 distribution partners.

The company also sells its policy through web aggregators and websites.


The sales of the company was Rs.5885 cr for the year ended Mar,2023.Net profit for the Period Rs. 36 cr.

The company has posted losses in the past years.Net loss for year ended march 2022 was Rs.296 cr and for the year 2021 was Rs 123 cr.

Market capRs.27778 CR
High Rs314
Face ValueRs.10
As on 5.06.24
Promoter Hldng73.58%
FII Share Holding4.31%
DII Share Holding14.59%
Public Share Holding7.50%
as on sep 22

IPO Details

Got listed on May 23rd 2024 it raised rupees 2615 crores through the IPO out of which rupees 1125 crore issued the company said these fonts will be utilised for existing business activities and listing benefits.

Experts view

Experts are of the view that the stock may go below 300 level so investors has to be cautious.

GI market is very competitive with ICICI and Star Health which are already an established player and a relatively better valued.


What does Go Digit do?

Answer:Go Digit is a full stack general insurance company,established in 2016 to make insurance simple.

Who is the owner of Go Digit company?

Answer: Go Digit General insurance company was founded by Mr.kamesh Goyal in 2016

What is the old name of Go Digit ?

Answer: It was started as Oben general insurance ltd,but changed to Go Digit to keep it simple.

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