This Vijay Kedia’s bet has given almost 500% return in just 1 month…

Last Updated on: 7th June 2024, 01:07 pm

Share Performance

The share was listed on NSE SME platform in April ,2024. So this shares can be bought in lot size of 1200 shares.

The issue price was Rs.106.and it made an excellant debut.The share was listed at Rs.290 a share and the it made a high of 723.85 on May 7,2024.The share price closed at Rs.558.75 on May 16,2024..

Vijay Kedia’s shareholding

Vijay Kedia has played a big bet on TAC infosec .He is holding 15 % of the company.

Promoters And Shareholders

The promoters of the company are Trishneet Arora and Charanjit Singh.

Trishneet Arora holds 74 % shares of the company and Charanjeet Singh has 4 % shares .Apart from this renowned investor Vijay Kedia has 15 % shareholding of the company.

About The Company

TAC Infosec Limited was founded in 2016 as a cybersecurity,Risk based Vulnerability Management Company. Trishneet Arora is the founder and CEO of the company who started his journey in 2013 at the age of 19.

The company has recently raised 30 crores through IPO.The Proceeds from IPO is to be utilised

1)Acquisition of TAC security Inc( Delaware, USA) and making it a wholly owned subsidiary
2) investment in manpower and product development
3) General corporate purposes


Company has very well known brands as its customers .Some of the well known customers are HDFC asset management co,DBS, Airtel,Tata Power,Reliance energy,Google,BSE ,NSE.etc , as per data available on company’s website.

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